Abbas and Sons

Abbas of Noor

The sun burned above the high Iranian plateau, and its heat rolled over the land. It gave heat and only heat. It was a dark sun, for there were no eyes to see it. It burned upon the city of the blind; a city of people without eyes. All the eyes of the city had been plucked out and piled in the city square by the king.

The king destroyed the city, and the survivors among the blind scattered into the darkness around them.

The king was the founder of a new dynasty, and so he established a new capital city. His chosen site was far to the north, near the holy mountain Damavand. Tehran has remained the capital of Iran ever since.

The creation of the new capital at Tehran was an economic bonanza for the locals, and many men from the surrounding villages profited. The modest town grew into a great city, and eventually became one of the largest cities in the world.

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