Two by two

Noah's Ark by Edward Hicks

There is a delightful story - which I have reason to think is true, in broad lines at least, about the martyr and Hand of the Cause Mirza `Ali-Muhammad Varqa (Grandfather of the Hand of the Cause of the same name who died in 2007). Mr. Varqa made the pilgrimage to the Holy Land during the lifetime of Baha’u'llah. He found himself with fellow pilgrims in the presence of the Manifestation. He watched as Baha’u'llah spoke to the gathering, and thought to himself, “How fortunate I am! To have recognized the Manifestation of God for this Day, and to be in His very presence!”

Then he thought to himself, “I believe that He is the Manifestation of God. But I want to *really* believe. What could Baha’u'llah do, that would make me know beyond all doubt that He is the Manifestation of God?”

He thought for a time, and then thought, “I have always wondered about the verse in the Holy Qur’an, where it says that Noah brought the animals into the Ark in pairs. This can’t mean a pair of giraffes and a pair of gnats. I have always wondered what this verse means, and if right now Baha’u'llah departs from His comments and explains that verse — then I will know that He is truly the Manifestation of God.”

{josquote}as interesting as Church and State is in itself, for me it is simply the twoness that is most clearly described in the Bahai scriptures.{/josquote}

In the next instant, Baha’u'llah looked at Varqa, and interrupting the flow of His discourse said, “In the Holy Qur’an it says that Noah brought the animals into the Ark in pairs. This does not refer to the beasts of the field…” Baha’u'llah then went on to explain that throughout the universe, at every level of existence God has created two great forces. Baha’u'llah also explained that in the Cause of God, and in the human soul — in all of existence, God has created this dynamic.

When He finished his comments, Baha’u'llah returned to His previous discourse. Varqa was lost in wonder at the profundity of Baha’u'llah’s explanation. He thought to himself, “And He did this, at the very instant I asked that He do so.” He reflected on this for a moment, and then asked himself, “I wonder if that was just a coincidence?”

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