The world's a stage

One of the friends said:


… an elderly lady once told me that Shoghi Effendi had said that the earth would “fall off its axis and spin wildly for three days”… well, I’ve searched and searched for anything even close…

The source of this is a tablet written by Abdu’l-Baha, translated by Ahmad Sohrab, and printed in his diary ‘Abdu’l-Baha in Egypt, page 297. In this tablet Abdu’l-Baha compares the world of September 1913 to a spectacular stage play on which actors such as kings and cabinet ministers play their parts. Towards the end he writes (in Sohrab’s translation):

When thou considerest … the fruit of all these theatrical performances, thou wilt see with thy real eyes, that they are the results of an illusory mirage and their sweetness is as bitter poison. A few days shall roll on their axis, and all these conditions will become non-existent, evanescent and completely forgotten.

This text was then reprinted in Star of the West Magazine, Vol. 4 No. 16, December 31 1913, page 273 with quite a few changes:


when thou observes these things with the eye of reality, thou wilt see that the outcome, result and fruit of all these theatrical performances are mirages and their sweetness is bitter poison. A few days the earth shall roll on its axis, and these fleeting visions will be completely forgotten.

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