Exegesis in the fertile twilight of uncertainty

My official response to my colleague in academia and in faith, Nicholas Bridgewater, is still forthcoming.  At present it is under review by an Auxiliary Board here in Europe and an ex-Auxiliary Board member from the Philippines, as per the general request by the Administrative Order for Baha’i scholars to pass all potentially sensitive critical thought on our religion through examination.  It’s also being reviewed by some professors here in Europe.

Unfortunately it’s a slow process, and in the meantime, Nicholas has been busy blogging about Baha’i scholarship and the larger issue of faith and reason in our religion.  I feel that I should take a moment to comment on what he says therein and the reaction against it.  In the interest of full disclosure for those readers who don’t already know, Nicholas and I pretty much stand on opposite ends of the spectrum on a lot of these questions — so you might be surprised by my assessment.

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