The One True Church: Christian Authority and the Baha'i Faith

{josquote}Theologically, the Faith uses Eastern Orthodox language over that articulated in the Latin and Post-Latin West, which makes sense, given its Eastern origin.{/josquote}

“And if all it be so that the Greeks be Christian yet they vary from our faith. For they say that the Holy Ghost comes not out of the son but only of the father, and they are not bound to the Church of Rome nor to the pope. And they say that their patriarch has as much power beyond the Greek sea as our pope has on this side. And therefore the pope John the XXII sent letters to them showing them how that the Christian faith should be all one and that all Christian men should be obeyant to the pope as Christ’s Vicar in Earth to whom God gave full power for to bind and to loosen, and therefore they should be obedient to him. “ – Sir Mandeville’s Travels, c. 1360-1370

When I used to attend a Church of Christ with my mom and a Baptist church with my friend, I was always offered a bread-and-grape-juice communion. At the Baptist church this was only on the first Sundays of the month, while at the Church of Christ it was every Sunday. Both congregations consumed communion in unison after a period of silent reflection. When my friend and I were talking with our Catholic friend, he was shocked that we were able to take communion so openly and without any catechetical education.

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