Did you know MU’s Ellis Library has one of the top Baha'i book collections?

Robert Almony stands by the collection of books on the Baha'i Faith at MU's Ellis Library. Almony started an endowment to keep a steady flow of books coming about 10 years ago. Credit: FAVS photo by Heather Adams

Robert Almony spent a year and a half researching the Baha’i Faith trying to disprove its teachings to a friend before accepting the religion as his own.

“I started to investigate it initially to ‘save’ her from this weird religion she was looking into,” Almony said.

That experience eventually led him to buy books about the Baha'i Faith for Ellis Library at MU.

“I wanted to have students, if they became interested, to have some access to finding out about the Baha’i Faith,” Almony said.

About 10 years ago, he set up an endowment to keep the books coming continuously. Over time, the library acquired so many that among research libraries, it had the third largest collection of Baha'i books in the country – just behind Harvard and UCLA, Almony said.

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