Khan to convention, precis

Peter Khan speaks at the US Bahai convention, 2010

The audio file is at the USBNC site.


Some points of interest (my precis of the precis):

  • He appears to be preparing the friends for some major change to be introduced by the Universal House of Justice (see the last sentence). But perhaps he just wants the Bahais to accept the changes that have already occurred.
  • Church and state: he warns “We will face misrepresentation [20min] outside the Bahai community by sceptics who will accuse us of creating an organisation seeking political domination on a world scale …
  • Acknowledges the fall-off in participation by devoted Bahais, and says it is troubling [31min]
  • Distinguishes between “strategic applications of Shoghi Effendi” and his “enduring interpretations” – ie we will not be following every letter of Shoghi Effendi indefinitely. [46 mins]
  • Critique of SchaefferÂ’s thesis re infallibility
  • The threat of priesthood arising comes not from people seeking power, but from a tendency to cast individuals in a priestly role, even believers who would shrink from the thought themselves.

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