New Counsellors Appointed by UHJ

Borna Noureddin

The Universal House of Justice recently announced the new round of continental board of Counsellors. The full list is below.

Of those newly appointed is Borna Noureddin. Noureddin was until this appointment a member of the Canadian National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Canada.

He was elected to the post initially to replace a retiring Don (Otto) Rogers in 2007 and since then he has been re-elected at every consecutive election providing him with a four year heritage at the NSA of Canada. Last year he was also the Chairperson of the NSA of Canada.

It is relatively rare to see a move between the two arms of the Baha’i institutions. A few years ago Counsellor David Smith was relieved of his position as a Counsellor to be first elected to the local assembly of Toronto and then a short time later to the National Spiritual Assembly. Unlike his peers who have spent an average of 9 consecutive years on the body, Smith was a member for just two years.

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