Hossain Danesh Heavily Promoted By NSA

Hossain Danesh

Never let it be said that the NSA doesn’t take care of one of its own.

After losing his license to practice medicine in Ontario, due to several patients of his coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse, Hossain Danesh was protected by the NSA and given a plum job running Landegg Academy in Switzerland. That was a comfortable, out of the way posting. Especially since it allowed him to put the distance of half the world between himself and what had transpired recently.

Danesh then applied his considerable executive talent to that organization. The result? Landegg closed its doors in 2005 declaring bankruptcy. So Danesh headed back to Canada. Now that 16 years have passed, washing away most people’s memories, it seems that he is ready for his newest public incarnation. And he is being heavily promoted by the NSA.

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