Tyranny of the One

Terrorist Tactics in the Consultative Process

This article originally appeared in my catalog, addressed to the Baha’i Community, but the points it makes can be applied to any group trying to make a decision.

There are many things that an individual can do to make sure that his or her opinions and desires prevail over the combined good sense of the other eight people in a consultation. Don’t think that I am aiding and abetting the manipulative by explaining them here – those who use them are quite aware of their effectiveness, even if they are used subconsciously. It is those who cave in under their tactics that need to be forewarned and forearmed. These tactics include:

  1.  The one who talks the loudest wins
  2. The one who is the most restrictive wins
  3. The one who claims the moral high ground by being the most narrow-minded, puritanical or judgmental wins
  4. The one who is most fearful and can imagine the most dire consequences for the alternate path  wins
  5. The one who is the most emotional wins

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