The Guardian and the Governor

{josquote}It matters because the real question is, can Bahais be trusted in public life?{/josquote}

Someone asked a question in the comments to this blog, which is so important I have decided to answer in a new posting. He asks whether a government leader [in Israel] who enrolled in the Bahai community would have had temporal authority over the Guardian, had the line of guardians continued, or would the governor have had to defer to the authority of the Guardian, as the head of the Bahai community?

The first part of the answer is, that a Bahai in a position of temporal authority can never be faced with that dilemma, since the scope of deliberations throughout the Bahai administration (the Administrative Order) is limited to spiritual matters (which includes administering the practical affairs of the Bahai community, which is a vehicle for the spirit). Abdu’l-Baha writes:

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