Dr. Albert Lincoln steps down as Secretary-General of the Baha'i International Community

Joshua LincolnAlbert Lincoln

Bahai World News Service, September 30, 2013 [Updated Sept. 31]

The Bahai International Community, or BIC, is an international non-governmental organization representing the members of the Bahai Faith to the world. It could be called the external affairs organisation for the Bahais around the world. One of its most important branches is the United Nations Office. Dr. Albert Lincoln, a former lawyer, has been its Secretary-General since 1994, representing the Baha’i community in international fora and interactions with Government representatives, diplomats, high officials and leaders of thought from many parts of the world. On September 30, the Bahai International Community announced that he is to step down. He is succeeded as Secretary-General by Joshua Lincoln who has a Ph.D. in international relations and has worked for the United Nations.

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