Community and administration

Entries about Baha'i community life, about Baha'i administration, and about how the two intersect.

Canadian NSA Ignores Surplus, Issues Fund Appeal

{josquote}I balk at the selective disclosure that the NSA engages in to reinforce informational asymmetry within the Baha’i community.{/josquote}

Well that didn’t take too long.

The Canadian National Spiritual Assembly’s Treasurer, Mr. Enayat Rawhani, issued this letter recently:

At its recent meeting, the National Spiritual Assembly reviewed the financial position of the Canadian community as part of the formulation of a budget that would provide for activities related to the first year of the new Five Year Plan. A thrilling picture of Canada’s contribution to the growth of the Faith emerged from our review. At the same time, we noted with growing concern that the needs have substantially exceeded the flow of contributions to the national fund. Over the last few months, therefore, the National Assembly has drawn from funds set aside from bequests and endowments so that commitments to other funds of the Cause and the movement of the Plan in Canada may not be impeded. Examples include increased contributions to the House of Worship in Chile, an historic restoration of the Shrine in Montreal in preparation for the centenary of the visit of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, the winning of Canada’s international pioneer goals through the settlement of a large number of pioneers, international collaborative projects in Congo and Burkina, and of course, the personnel and operational costs of the processes of growth throughout the country.

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Know the code — defining ‘dynamic coherence’

dy·nam·ic – adjective – Constantly active or changing; characterized by action or forcefulness; not static; vital, energetic, vigorous, robust

co·her·ence – noun – the state of cohering or sticking together; logical and orderly and consistent relation of parts; balance, harmony, symmetry, unity

What does the Universal House of Justice mean when it says, in the Ridván 2010 message, that “the world civilization now on humanity’s horizon must achieve a dynamic coherence between the material and spiritual requirements of life”?

The more than 70 experienced practitioners who engaged in a seminar before the Bahá’í Conference on Social and Economic Development tasked themselves with finding out.

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A Gift to my Mentor

I had no intentions of making an entry today. Honestly, I’m worn out. I gave two talks today at two colleges about Project Conversion and my Zoroastrian month begins in a little under three hours.

But something amazing happened this evening at the last talk–in my Intro to World Religions class–that made this whole month worth the effort.

My Baha’i Mentor is the only Baha’i that we know of within many, many miles. She is a diaspora all to herself. In fact, I have been her sole Baha’i companion for the whole month. She lit up when I arrived every week at her home for Study Circle, ready to share the wisdom of her faith. We laughed over tea and delved into the teachings of Baha’u'llah. I could tell there was something missing every time we visited the Baha’i community in “Triangle” one and half hours north of us; the way she interacted with her Baha’i family, it was like a family reunion with gatherings too rare for comfort.

{josquote}Turns out, all I have to do is teach. The message does the rest.{/josquote}

I wanted to do something for her to repay her for the kindness and dedication she showed for me and Project Conversion. I wanted to give her a Baha’i community of her own.

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Willing Change (1/4): some of the basics

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. . . [T]he civilisation that beckons humanity will not be attained through the efforts of the Bahá’í community alone.  Numerous groups and organisations, animated by the spirit of world solidarity that is an indirect manifestation of Bahá’u’lláh’s conception of the principle of the oneness of humankind, will contribute to the civilisation destined to emerge out of the welter and chaos of present-day society.

(Universal House of Justice: 21 April 2010 – para 26)

It must have been a couple of years before I retired. We were interviewing for people to take up the post of Clinical Psychologist in a Community Mental Health Service. I specialised in the rehabilitation and recovery of people with severe and enduring mental health problems but was also Head of the Psychology Service at the time and therefore part of this interview panel.

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