The Apostinals

One of Brian Pain’s many claims to fame was that he invented the term - The Apostinals. This is the collective term for Baha’is and ex-Baha’is that produce the dangerous oppositional material strewn across the Stream. It represents the dark place you fall into when you publicly criticize the Faith or look as if you might.

Some of the branded are self-proclaimed celebrities from the Unenrolled Baha’i faction; some are stand-alone attack dogs but the vast majority are kids in a rage - square B’s. They certainly aren’t that group of like-minded and highly organized comrades as Cuddus declared. When not targeting the inadequacies of the Baha’i Administration, its members, actions and policies, the Apostinals are quite likely to be pulverizing each other.

{josquote}Brian loved it. Here was a tool he could use to pummel non-conformists.{/josquote}

Cuddus had resurrected an apologetic academic article written in 2007 by the eminent Baha’i scholar Dr Moojan Momen. It was titled “Marginality and Apostasy in the Baha’i Community”. Mostly, it looked at some of the key opposition personalities in the early Internet Baha’i Wars from the perspective of a core believer. It claimed to show how the Internet had provided a community setting that allowed some dissatisfied believers (marginals) get onto that slippery slope resulting in them becoming jealous, revenge-seeking, delusional haters (apostates).

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