Their little secret

Maggie was very excited because this week she had a visitor, her grandfather. Maggie’s grandfather was very old. He spent his whole life traveling around the world, but it was now time for him to rest. Maggie often heard stories about her grandfather from her parents. They said that he always did good things for other people, loved everyone, and always remembered his prayers.

The night that Maggie’s grandfather arrived it was very late and Maggie was asleep. “You’ll see him in the morning dear,” her mother said before putting Maggie to bed.

In the morning, earlier than usual, Maggie heard a voice from down the hall. It was a deep voice, almost singing, but more like speaking. Maggie peeked out her door, and tip-toed quietly down the hallway. The noise was coming from Grandpa’s room. His door was slightly open, so Maggie peaked inside. She saw grandpa standing with his arms stretched to the sky. His words sounded like a magical spell.

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