A Christian life, a Baha'i life in sickness

When we talk about spirituality, we think of temples and churches. Let us not forget the self. Believing is not enough. We need to apply spiritual lessons in our lives. And that is easier said than done. Even the act of sharing and teaching should be done with the purest intention. We must detach from the outcome. Share and teach for the joy of teaching. So that when our teachings do not bear the desired result, we are unperturbed and not discouraged. But so often we speak with an urgency to impose our opinion, hoping we would be acknowledged and accepted. This is not good.

I believe my life here on earth is to seek God and to know God. Sickness is a life condition just as richness, poverty, happiness, and grief is a condition. One may be physically healthy but ill with grief. I am determined to rise above my sickness, and not let my sickness define me. There have been many people who achieved greatness in the face of sickness. Today I watched Beautiful Life, about John Nash Jr. the American Mathematician who figured out the Nash Equilibrium and won the 1994 Noble Prize. Nash suffered from Schizophrenia but he learned to ignore the voices in his head and bury himself in research.

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