The legacy of a happy heart

Phyllis Edgerly Ring

— shone with its transforming power.

More consistently than anyone I have met before or since, she demonstrated how much we barely recognize the potential that's been treasured in each of us, the reality that life grows better and better as we "unpack" this potential, and also encourage and welcome it out of others.

Marian taught me to trust that where souls truly meet and connect, an inseverable bond develops. Time and distance pose absolutely no barriers in that relationship. "And Honey," she would say, "God loves us too much to want anything but the best for us, and the best that we can possibly be. He knows the jewels he's treasured inside us, just waiting to be invited out."

Marian treated everyone like precious little mines of gems, and maintained a happy, positive tone in this treasure hunt that simply left no room for negativity to make a nest. I'm so thankful that I had this reality reflected for me while I was so young, because it's given me more time to try and share it in my own aspiring efforts, whether as spouse, parent, friend, or companion.

{josquote}We continually overlook the power of love.{/josquote}

For the first two years that I knew her, I spent most every Tuesday evening in Marian's cozy living room. Then our paths diverged for a while and we saw each other less. During those times, I'd often receive a call or letter in which she expressed ideas or addressed matters that were precisely what I had been struggling with — and usually hadn't told anyone else about. That mysterious power of love that she valued and encouraged others to value, just seemed to keep leading to miraculous things.

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