Frenzy at U. Mass.

Monday, Dec. 21, 1970

{josquote}A doctoral student recently got credit for one self-designed unit of "watching Dwight Allen."{/josquote}

Forgettable used to be the word for the University of Massachusetts School of Education. Like many such trade schools, it trained teachers in stale methods and lacked a complete graduate program. Then, two years ago, the university turned the place over to a frenetic professor of education from California named Dwight W. Allen. Ever since, it has hurtled into experiments that could turn U.S. teachers into models of sensitivity − or cause the school to self-destruct.

The ambitious son of a successful used-car dealer, Allen, 39, is one of nine American leaders of the Baha'i faith, a Persian religion resembling Unitarianism that advocates world brotherhood and universal education.

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