So I am thinking about becoming a bahai

I'm going tommorow to this once a year thing where they have a dinner and talk about what Bahai-ism is all about. I asked a Bahai I saw at work for more information about it because I had been interested in a long time, and wanted to know more about what it's about.

Also Bahai people are hella cool. Also, Bahai girls are hella hot.

{josquote} will gain a good social network out of it, my friend who is bahai probably likes this aspect more than whatever spirituality it has to offer. -Netology{/josquote}

I am pretty sure Joe Zaza and his brother on here (sorry man, I can't remember your SRK handle at 4am) are bahais. Anyone else?

My reservation right now is about Bahai's approach to homosexuality, but I figure that it's no different from how christianity approaches gayness (simple-mindedly and stupidly). I'm totally coo with the gays and whatnot.

Just curious, if I become a bahai, am I not supposed to smoke herb or drink ever or what, cus...

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