Ways of being, thinking and doing

Many times I've thought of posting my ideas about what Karen, Baquia, Priscilla, Steve, Alison and some others have been saying, about infallibility, the review policy, House of Justice elections, Ruhi courses, the role and functions of the House of Justice, wrongdoings of the House of Justice and wrong priorities of the Baha'i community for example.

{josquote}Those are all red herrings to me.{/josquote}

I started trying to organize my thoughts about some of that, and once again lost interest. Those are all red herrings to me. They're all about how people think. That's an accessory issue for me. Some central issues for me are how people act, what they're aiming for, and the spirit in which they pursue their interests. As people's aims, character and conduct evolve, they will develop an interest in other ways of thinking, and then maybe my ideas will help. Maybe.

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