Posting A Post on Post-Modernism

{josquote}And they will not be bonds that constrict the freedom of individuals to create unique selves...{/josquote}

Most Baha’is are, I think, familiar with the metaphor of humanity being like a person passing through stages of childhood, adolescence, and now into adulthood. Because it’s related to what I wanted to write about for this post (which is related to the paper I’m working on mentioned last post) I went searching to see what form it shows up in the Baha’i Writings (that is, if it shows up at all). What I found was from one of Abdu’l-Baha’s talks originally found in The Promulgation of Universal Peace and later (the version below) in Foundations of World Unity, published in 1945. I give the date because the title of the talk, ‘The True Modernism’, really surprised me for reasons that will be obvious below.

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