You can call me the bomb-squad kid

I write this post from Stockholm, Sweden, where I am currently visiting my wonderful older sister, Zhena.

In order to get to Sweden, I had to make it through Israeli security, and let me tell you, it was quite the experience.

So, I get to the airport at 1, in plenty of time for my 4 o'clock flight, walk through the first stage of security checks which just means placing my luggage for x-ray screening. Everything's good. Then, I make it to round II. Round II consists of usually Israeli women (occasionally men as well) opening up your suitcases and rendering useless whatever amount of thoughtful time you put into packing and arranging things just right. As I've been through this airport a few times before, I no longer fret too much about how things are placed as I know they will all be re-shuffled anyway.

{josquote}We walk back to my suitcases where there are a team of people studying the x-ray machine. And then I catch it. My pillow. Because it has a built in massaging device, there are wires.{/josquote}

Anywho, today it seemed the women were being extra slow as they were averaging calling one new person to the front from the ever-growing line only every 10 or 15 minutes. There were only 2 people ahead of me but I stood in that line for a full 30 minutes before they called me forward. And then the fun began.

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