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{josquote}...I continue a sometimes sweet, sometimes tense dialogue with the Baha’i Faith, of which I was a member for 12 years.{/josquote}

Henry David Thoreau said “heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads,” meaning not only that the literal heavens—space and stars and galaxies—surround us, but also that if we’re to find any heaven it will be here, wherever we are.  My “here” is hard, and for long stretches it has been difficult in the extreme.  The title of this blog is a play on Thoreau’s words.  It refers to finding the good life in a hard place.   Of all the pain that I’ve had, which is a lot, the pain in my feet and lower legs has been some of the worst—flesh-ripping and mind-numbing.  I use my foot as a symbol in the title for the pain and difficulty of my illness.  The joy and the loss of my life cannot be understood separately because they aren’t lived separately; hence, “Heaven in My Foot.”

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