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The Dance of Life

If you could go back and have an easier life, would you do it? If life had dealt you some of the hardest blows would you still feel like dancing? If you had no legs to dance with, would you still know how it feels? Having mastered the art of living in spirit more than in body, Renett Grove has transcended physical and emotional challenges the likes of which few of us can comprehend. And through it all Renett has praised her Creator, the One whose loving bondage has been her blissful freedom. To purchase a hi-res version of this video and to see similarly inspiring video content go to DoubleTake TV


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Lottery winner sees dream come true

Araj Assadian-Arabi (center), relaxes with his host family, Jerry and Patti Ferry, of Florence. Assadian-Arabi, of Iran, won a green card lottery to live and work in the United States.

For Araj Assadian-Arabi, the opportunity to live the American dream came in the most unlikely fashion - through a lottery.

He was chosen as one of 50,000 immigrants to obtain permanent legal residency through the country's green card lottery.

He doesn't know the mathematical odds of it happening, just that it did. His permanent legal residency came about as the result of Araj winning the American Green Card Lottery.

The 25-year-old is a native of Tehran, Iran, but for four years had been living and attending college in the Republic of Azerbajan, a post-Soviet Union country neighboring Iran. He studied computer engineering and management at the University of Khazar, and completed his degree in 2007. He had never been to the United States, but had always longed for the freedoms the country offered.

{josquote}As practitioners of the Baha'i faith, Araj's family in Iran must continue to be discreet in their worship. It's a worry that Araj no longer has in America.{/josquote}

He found out about the green card lottery accidentally while searching the Internet. He saw an advertisement, clicked on a short form and filled it out with no real hope of winning. That was in 2005.

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Posting A Post on Post-Modernism

{josquote}And they will not be bonds that constrict the freedom of individuals to create unique selves...{/josquote}

Most Baha’is are, I think, familiar with the metaphor of humanity being like a person passing through stages of childhood, adolescence, and now into adulthood. Because it’s related to what I wanted to write about for this post (which is related to the paper I’m working on mentioned last post) I went searching to see what form it shows up in the Baha’i Writings (that is, if it shows up at all). What I found was from one of Abdu’l-Baha’s talks originally found in The Promulgation of Universal Peace and later (the version below) in Foundations of World Unity, published in 1945. I give the date because the title of the talk, ‘The True Modernism’, really surprised me for reasons that will be obvious below.

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Ways of being, thinking and doing

Many times I've thought of posting my ideas about what Karen, Baquia, Priscilla, Steve, Alison and some others have been saying, about infallibility, the review policy, House of Justice elections, Ruhi courses, the role and functions of the House of Justice, wrongdoings of the House of Justice and wrong priorities of the Baha'i community for example.

{josquote}Those are all red herrings to me.{/josquote}

I started trying to organize my thoughts about some of that, and once again lost interest. Those are all red herrings to me. They're all about how people think. That's an accessory issue for me. Some central issues for me are how people act, what they're aiming for, and the spirit in which they pursue their interests. As people's aims, character and conduct evolve, they will develop an interest in other ways of thinking, and then maybe my ideas will help. Maybe.

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Happy time

Last night I went to join a gathering at a Bahai friend's. It's the first time for me to be there. There were several friends from foreign countries,such as Malaysia,the US. But they're so kind. They made me feel at home. I love it. We said some prayers and sth. about ourslves or feelings. It's really relax. And we also talked about sth of Baha'i Faith--the Virtues within. Cause in Bahai, April 21 is the Radvan Day,Abodubaha announcing his is the teacher from God. Then they have nine days break

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