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Labour unrest nests at Duma

The new radio station, Duma FM, sitting on a pending labour case of a woman who was allegedly fired because she was pregnant, now faces another in which a presenter, Lebogang 'Toni-Smith" Mudongo, claims she was forced to write a resignation letter by the management because 'they no longer wanted to work with her'.

{josquote}Mudongo says the director's wife runs the show and even her children meddle with the affairs of the radio station. She is a member of the Bahai faith. The lady also subjected staff to Bahai teachings against which she protested.{/josquote}

Mudongo says she was tormented by the wife of one of the directors of the Phakalane based radio station.

Mudongo says she started with the radio station as a freelance presenter but she also dabbled in with marketing.

She says when the station started broadcasting, their boss, Moreri Gabakgore, told them to concentrate on presenting.

Mudongo said her appointment was not clear and she was still waiting for Gabakgore to clarify her position. 

But she said life has never been easy for her at the station since the wife of one of the directors appeared on the scene. She said the director's wife told the employees that she was sent by the board to get the radio station off the ground.

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Spring Cleaning

"In his holy flirtation with the world, God occasionally drops a handkerchief.
These handkerchiefs are called saints.”
Frederick Buechner

{amazon id='1890688363'} {josquote}And most recently, I have discovered, 'Tahirih: A Portrait in Poetry' courtesy of that independent press Kalimat.{/josquote}

As you prepare for the upcoming Naw Ruz - Vernal Equinox - by 'spring cleaning' both body and soul with Fasting and Prayer, I will be charging through our new home, going through all those boxes which have lain fallow over the winter in our basement-library and Getting Rid of Stuff.

Getting rid of stuff could also be construed as getting rid of worn ideas, myths and yes, those little guilts that have been holding me back. When I started this blog, I honestly had no idea where it would lead - it's been a year since I started and though it has been intermittent, nevertheless, ideas expressed in here have been heartfelt and it was with some surprise that I found they had an echo in other people's blogs or comments. I thought I was the only one.

So, have I found a Trace of the Traceless Friend? Yes, tracks have been sighted by the campfires outside the walled city, revolutionary ideas have been pressed between pages of worn prayer books, passed hand to hand and read by starlight. Have I run out of rant? Perhaps. I have learned so much in the past year (and still continue to learn) that I have been overwhelmed and overcome and just plain 'overed' with the whole thing.

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And the blog goes on . . .

{josquote}...I'm hearing that Baha'is are being encouraged to start blogs, which is a huge turnaround from ten years ago...{/josquote}

As most of my online friends know, I'm recovering from a car accident that happened about a month ago. I'm at a point in my recovery now where I'm well enough to mess around online, but not well enough to do much of anything else. I made a few attempts at housework today -- didn't get very far before I wore out. We still haven't replaced the car that got smashed up, so I'm pretty much stuck at home.

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So I am thinking about becoming a bahai

I'm going tommorow to this once a year thing where they have a dinner and talk about what Bahai-ism is all about. I asked a Bahai I saw at work for more information about it because I had been interested in a long time, and wanted to know more about what it's about.

Also Bahai people are hella cool. Also, Bahai girls are hella hot.

{josquote} will gain a good social network out of it, my friend who is bahai probably likes this aspect more than whatever spirituality it has to offer. -Netology{/josquote}

I am pretty sure Joe Zaza and his brother on here (sorry man, I can't remember your SRK handle at 4am) are bahais. Anyone else?

My reservation right now is about Bahai's approach to homosexuality, but I figure that it's no different from how christianity approaches gayness (simple-mindedly and stupidly). I'm totally coo with the gays and whatnot.

Just curious, if I become a bahai, am I not supposed to smoke herb or drink ever or what, cus...

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I saw a situation today online, where I was tempted to comment, but I knew that no matter how sane, rational and gentle I was I'd just get cyber-teeth sunk into me. So, I passed it by, even though I think I had a good point. It has occurred to me that I'm really a far less significant player than I once was in Baha'i cyberspace. I can't help it -- I have the pull of issues at home, and the push of too much nastiness over things that are really quite petty. And I really do want to focus on my own spiritual development, which is not helped by getting entangled in arguments.

{josquote}I wasn't afraid when the accident happened; the fear came later -- which makes no sense whatsoever, but there you go.{/josquote}

Anyway, I decided to just get some of the energy out by writing. This is the first time I've written anything since my accident -- outside of talking about the accident itself. It has been a little over a month since it happened, and I'm now almost normal -- a little tired, my leg is hurting me quite a bit today, so it's not a good day to try to see how well I can manage household chores. Might as well write, since I'm at least sitting down. A week ago, I couldn't have sat at the computer long enough to write anything longer than "Thanks for the 'get well' message."

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