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Barry Crump 1935–1996

Barry Crump

Farmhand, bush worker, deer culler, writer, character

Back from India

Gaunt and weary, Crump returned from travels in India in 1973 with a new perspective on life. His soul-searching at this time reinforced his instinctive rejection of the materialistic way of life of many New Zealanders and led him towards the Baha’i faith, which he adopted formally in 1982.

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Baha'i faith transformed Tyree Byndom from 'thug' to activist, caring father

Tyree Byndom sits at his KOPN/89.5 FM studio March 16 in Columbia. Byndom works at KOPN and is an advocate for the black community.

COLUMBIA — Five minutes into Tyree Byndom's radio show at the KOPN/89.5 FM studio on East Broadway, his guest shows up.

It’s his mother, Debra Gentry. She takes a seat across from him, puts on headphones and adjusts her microphone.

In a bittersweet voice, she reminisces about raising Byndom as a single mother after getting pregnant when she was 14. His father was killed while robbing a store in St. Louis before he was born.

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A Pakistani Baha'i's story

Ceiling detail, Baha’i Centre, Islamabad.

Shobha Das, MRG’s Head of Programmes, recently visited Islamabad. Here she recounts a meeting with a member of the Baha’i faith who told her of his conversion from Islam, and the consequences of his change of faith.

L was born a Muslim in Balochistan, the son of a Baloch mother and a Pathan (Pashtun) father. Balochistan occupies the largest land mass of Pakistan’s provinces, but is home to the country’s smallest provincial population. Though it has vast natural resources (oil and gas, coal, inter alia), it is overwhelmingly poor.

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Farid Rohani creates forum for frank multiculturalism debate

{josquote}...Rohani has for the past five years been the chair of the Laurier Institution.{/josquote}

Farid Rohani – businessman, member of the Baha’i faith, Iranian immigrant, chair of the Laurier Institution – has some strong views on multiculturalism, which might help Canadians get over their shyness about exploring the pros and cons of this policy.

Even though Rohani wants to explore why multiculturalism is being seen as a failure in Europe, he knows the dark side of ethnic, religious and political intolerance. Several relatives were executed by Iran’s Islamic leaders, partly because they were members of the Baha’i faith, a Persian-rooted religion with about six million global adherents.

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My brilliant career, revisited

ROCHELLE BRADER: Her boyfriend got a Beatle haircut.

Fame has come knocking once again for one-time Wellington '60s pop sensation Rochelle Vinsen (Rochelle Brader).

Coiffed, bejewelled and dressed in an eye-grabbing red ensemble, former pop chick Rochelle Brader jumps up and bursts into song.

"'Lipstick on your collar told a tale on you...' My teacher in standard five always got me to sing that song in front of the class as I strummed along on a tennis racket.

{josquote} her spiral into depression and conversion to the Baha'i faith.{/josquote}

"I knew then that I loved an audience. I don't think it was ego, I just knew it made me feel good to perform," says Brader, whose life is to be the subject of a Fringe Festival play with her daughter Chantelle playing her.

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