Spirituality makes unity in diversity possible

"Cities need lots of imagination to work," said the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Rowan Williams at an event in St James's Church Piccadilly yesterday.

He was speaking to a mainly Christian and Muslim audience on the themes of the city, spirituality, and trust.

Lord Williams spoke about how spirituality was vital for holding cities together into the future, giving people "a vision of human dignity" and transcending diversity.

"Either the city is a challenge for our imagination, or it is a desert and chaos," Lord Williams explained, as he spoke about the need for imagination to see past differences.

{josquote}God did not say 'get lots of people to agree with you and then begin doing the work you need to do'… the task isn't to turn diversity into uniformity.{/josquote}

He discussed the need to understand the stranger, saying, "I am not going to be fully human without that person."

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