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Former Moscow [Idaho] resident Harold Rosen returns to discuss his new book on world religions

After years of teaching courses on the subject, Harold Rosen came to believe that all major religions are built upon the preceding ones, and that "religion" as a whole is evolving and improving all the time.

Rosen, a former Moscow Unitarian minister who now lives near Vancouver, B.C., will speak Sunday and Monday in Moscow and read from and discuss his new book "Founders of Faith: The Parallel Lives of God's Messengers."

Rosen is a Community Interfaith Educator who designs and teaches community courses on world religions and world history. He said the more courses he taught on the founders of the world's seven major religions, the more connections and patterns among them he began to see.

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Charter for Compassion - One Year Anniversary, featuring Rainn Wilson

Ready for a more compassionate life? Watch this video and then head over to the Charter for Compassion website and affirm the Charter for yourself. Join thousands of people all over the world who have decided to stand up and make compassion a part of their daily life.


Minorities’ minister assassinated in Pakisan

Minorities’ leaders hail induction of Bhatti in cabinet

[February 18 2011] ISLAMABAD: The religious minorities, church leaders and minority members of parliament applauded the decision of inducting Shahbaz Bhatti to the newly constituted downsized federal cabinet.

They appreciated the government for giving representation to the minorities in the federal cabinet, saying, “Religious minorities play a significant role in nation building and their contribution towards the development, prosperity and integrity of the county is known to all.” Prof Mehrdad of Bahai community, Kalyan Singh of Sikh community, M Parkash of Hindu community and MNAs Ramesh Lal, Asia Nasir, Lal Chand, Dr Nelson Azeem and Rina Kumari in different statements said, “The founding father of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had envisioned Pakistan as a ‘non-discriminative state’, where people of all faiths would have equal rights, religious freedom and equal opportunities.”

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Extremists Are Suspected in Killing of Pakistani Minister

[March 2, 2011] LAHORE, Pakistan — The only Christian cabinet minister in the Pakistani government was shot dead Wednesday two months after the assassination of another liberal politician, raising questions about how firmly Pakistan’s government is tackling Islamist extremism.

The slain official, Shahbaz Bhatti, 41, the minister of minorities, had made a life’s work of campaigning for tolerance in Pakistan, which is 95 percent Muslim, and most recently became a lonely voice, with a handful of others, in a campaign to reform the harsh blasphemy law.

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Delhi tableau focuses on religious harmony

Unity in diversity: The Delhi tableau highlighting the harmonious existence of the city's four major religious communities State seen during the 62nd Republic Day Parade on Rajpath on Wednesday. - Photo: R. V. Moorthy

With its message of “Cultural and religious harmony”, Delhi's tableau made a comeback at the Republic Day Parade here on Wednesday after a three-year absence.

The Baha'i Temple with its message of respect for all religions stood at the forefront, while the sides represented the harmonious existence of the city's four major religious communities. The trailer had a representation of the Old Fort with dancers performing to Kathak music, completing the image of a traditionally diverse and historically rich city. The festival of Dussehra, complete with effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarana and Meghnad, was also part of the tableau.

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Student to test 11 religions in one year

{josquote}Bowen is already reading up on the Baha'i faith, his focus during February.{/josquote}

To some, the formal elements of religion - the prayers, chants, hymns and incantations - are the most exhausting.

To Andrew Bowen, they are the most rejuvenating.

The 28-year-old religious studies major is on a quest to experience 11 of the world's religions over the coming year. Each month during 2011 he plans to immerse himself in one of them - with the exception of June, when he will explore Scientology and other new religions and take a rest.

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