Faith, in new Baha'i year, again excludes Baha'is

Baha’is who have sought redress from the Baha’i administration over unjustified removal from membership have been met with decisions containing blanket statements like “cannot properly be considered as meeting the requirements of Baha’i membership” and “his application for membership is not honoured”

HAIFA — As the new Baha'i year got under way, some Baha'is in the West have again found the door to continued membership closed.

Although in its public stance the Universal House of Justice maintains that "individual understanding or interpretation should not be suppressed, but valued for whatever contribution it can make to the discourse of the Bahá’í community", reports over the past few weeks indicate that the policy of arbitrarily removing Baha'is from membership remains in effect.

Baha'is attempting to regain admittance to membership found that their requests were refused. Baha’is, even those who have been enrolled or accepted as members for years, continue to be removed from membership.

And those who have sought redress through the Baha'i administration have been disappointed, their cases rejected.

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