The Greatest Length

It’s 10.30pm, three hours before my flight leaves from Ben Gurion Airport and I’m waiting in the longest EL AL queue ever…I am stopped by the rather aggressive Israeli red head security guard who doesn’t look a day over 20 but whose tone is of a 50 year old body builder.

‘Yes. Hello’ she forces a smile at me

‘Hi’ I am nervous already. Why is that? I’m not about to smuggle drugs out the country or hide a bomb in my suitcase, but I start to feel like I am guilty just by her attitude to me…

‘So can I see your ticket?’

{josquote}‘Just think of it as a really bad massage,’ says the female security guard searching me...{/josquote}

Problem number one.

‘Well, you see, it’s an e-ticket and I can’t find the bit of paper anywhere.’

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