The True, SECRET WEAPON of the Baha'is - BEWARE!!

Fearless Leader: I recently discovered the true, secret weapon of the Baha’is. Everytime I visit the local Baha’is in my city I am amazed at the cleverness of the Baha’i s . . .

How well they train their grandmommies! Unbelievable!!

The tea these ladies serve is highly aromatic . . .(they must put something in it that disarms critical thinking). Then they (suspiciously) bring out platters after platter of bogoli polo, MORE THAN IS POSSIBLE TO EAT IN ONE DAY, causing unsuspecting guests to think they will insult these ladies if they refuse a third and fourth helping!!

{josquote}I think (burp!) it’s a plot!!{/josquote}

BEWARE!! All that “FRIENDSHIP” and “FEASTING” (both well-known Baha’i occupations) has a numbing effect!! After the meal, the same ladies bring out impossibly small homemade cookies (also suspiciously aromatic) and smile at their guests, bowing and serving!

It is of some concern that the Baha’i community in this locale appears to be dominated by highly-motivated aging ladies. Sir, they have had a lifetime of training, yet everyone thinks they are harmless!

Nonsense! They sing off-key and are a threat to the waistline of all true believers!! They don’t take “NO” for an answer. The Baha’i grandmommies look small and cute, but they are tough as nails!! If you go to their houses, you will have to promise to return again and again before they will let you leave!! CLEVER!!

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