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Juan Cole
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{josquote}My guest -- Juan Cole -- says we should engage with the Muslim world. Fine, but we do all the talking.{/josquote}

Video... (jump to the last third of the show)

Juan's report on the show is on his blog, Informed Comment. He writes:

It was a wonderful experience to be on the Colbert Report. Unlike some academics, I watch a lot of television, and don't think you can understand American society if you don't. I really think that the Comedy Bloc from 11-12 ET on the Comedy Channel, of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, is a little space of sanity and reality in American public life. Comedy, satire and parody allow these two very intelligent and perceptive gentlemen to be brutally frank about the foibles of American society. To any extent I could join in that enterprise, it was my privilege.
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