I’m Better Than You

Yesterday I attended the monthly meeting of the San Diego Interfaith Ministerial Association—or SDIMA for short, which is hard to say without confusing your front teeth. The SDIMA meeting is my big outing of the month. I walk in, they all yell, “Gay! He’s gay! You’re gay!”, and then I go home.

Get it? Cuz it’s an outing?!

That’s right: this blog is still free of charge. And I think we can all agree it’s worth it.

I’m not gay, by the way. I enjoy creating gaiety, via my irrepressible whimsy, but ….

Wow. Could the phrase “irrepressible whimsy” be any gayer

Language. It’s so … dangblanggit irrepressible.

{josquote}But you try saying “Baha’i” without giggling at least a little. It’s not easy.{/josquote}

There’s certainly no denying that I am prodigiously artistic. I think those of you who’ve seen my awesome Muhammad Ali painting would agree: I’m pretty much color blind. And I think that helps. It’s tough to appreciate art when all those obnoxious colors are duking it out for your attention. Being color blind means I’m free to concentrate on substance, not form, like you have to. So I’m better than you. Except at traffic lights. Then you’re better than me. So it all evens out.

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