New futuristic US House of Worship

A new US House of Worship is nearing completion in an isolated part of Florida. I understand that the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States is also about to do some re-branding and may launch its new name and logo when the Canaveral House of Worship is opened. The countdown has begun! There's speculation that the new name will be something snappy like National American Spiritual Assembly. The NSA (or should I say, NASA?) appears to have relinquished its .ORG top-level domain in favour of a .GOV one, presumably signalling its emergence from obscurity. An early draft of the new corporate logo has been leaked to me, and this appears to confirm the name-change

The new temple is taller and thinner than the Wilmette Temple, and has one main tower, or dome, along with two subsidiary ones.

The temple has been constructed, off-site, in a giant "hanger", making it possible to keep the whole project under wraps right through the construction phase. The temple is the first "transportable" one to be built. As the photo shows, it is currently being delivered to its permanent site.

Breaking News

The temple is being lowered onto its permanent foundations in an operation that will take most of the night. An unusual feature (clearly shown in the photo below) has attracted a lot of speculation. Does anyone have any thoughts on what it might be?