The Baha'i Faith - Introduction

The Bahá’í belief is that the least old of the world’s freelance beliefs. Its founder, Bahá’u'lláh (1817-1892), is regarded by Bahá’ís because the most up-to-date inside the line of Messengers of God that stretches back on the far side noted time which encompasses patriarch, Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, Christ and Muhammad.

{josquote}One of the desires of the Bahá’í religion is to aid construct this doable.{/josquote}

The central topic of Bahá’u'lláh’s note is that humanity is one lone race which the day has come back for its unification in one worldwide humanity. God, Bahá’u'lláh aforementioned, has set in shift chronicled forces that ar breaking down very old barriers of rush, class, creed, and nation which can, in time, offer birth to a universal civilization. The primary challenge facing the peoples of the planet is to simply accept the very fact of their harmony and to help the processes of unification.

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