Print-your-own pilgrimage?

Gary Matthews suggests that any pilgrimage site missing in action could conceivably be recreated using new printing technologies:

It goes without saying that every last detail of the building is meticulously documented, that Baha’is will one day regain possession of the property, and that it will be rebuilt in precise detail. My guess is that emerging technologies for 3D printing mean that even the exact corrugations and indentations of the original stones will be replicated, whenever this happens.

Ultimately, that might allow print-your-own pilgimages in the comfort of your own home. However, I prefer to do pilgrimage the old fashioned way. I plan to travel half way across the world to join a group of pilgrims for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is both personal and communal; intimate and intensely social.

For that reason, I’m saving my money for the opening of Holodeck Haifa, and the Authorised House of Baha’u'llah Experience.


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