Moving upstairs

So, what of the fast? I'll tell you. The night before last, I had a dream that I was visiting an old friend. She is the sort of person who is always on the go. Her whole life is run by the Protestant work ethic. She works hard full-time (despite moaning about it and threatening to give it away), her house is spotless and tidy, everything is done with the goal of getting it done yesterday. And she converses in the same fashion - talking a lot, doing most of the talking, and usually focusing on people's negative characteristics or tragedies. In the dream, she symbolises the Protestant work ethic side of me, the one that tells me if I'm not straining to the max, I'm lazy. I have often blogged about that aspect of me; it was a real eye-opener when I realised that that side of me wasn't the spiritual one.

{josquote}Then my friend invited me to see the new upstairs, where she now hung out. Ah, this was a revelation.{/josquote}

And so, in the dream, my friend was showing me the extensive alterations to her house. She had a whole new storey built onto her house. She showed me the new layout and use for the ground floor. She had brought in a lodger to live downstairs. He was a quiet Asian student and she showed me how she had made alterations to the back of the house so that he had space to put all his things. I saw them - his CDs, files and so forth - all stacked tidily on shelves. I got the impression that he enjoyed living there; it was comfortable and suited him perfectly. He liked to study and focus on his work. Here, things were quiet and he was left alone to get on with it. The dream seemed to be saying that this aspect of me has been put in order.

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