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City of Radiant Acquiescence (audio and intro)

This is an audio of Mark Choveaux reading Baha'u'llah's City of Radiant Acquiescence.


24-minute MP3 audio of Mark reading the City of Radiant Acquiescence

The text for the tablet is at

The background music for the audio is "Agnus Dei", by Samuel Barber. Classic CD collection, "CHORAL", CDCLR 003.

My introduction to the tablet follows.

City of Radiant Acquiescence (Lawh-i Madinatu'r-Rida)

Baha'u'llah wrote different kinds of works; for example, poems, books of law, announcements of his revelation and commentaries on scripture. He also wrote works, such as the Seven Valleys, in which he describes the stages that our souls experience on our journey to God. This tablet, the City of Radiant Acquiescence, is also about a spiritual state of the soul—that of radiant acquiescence. The tablet discusses what radiant acquiescence means, why it is important and how believers can attain it.

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