Let us not forget the Israelis

With everyone focusing on the death and suffering of the Palestinians, we have unfairly forgotten the plight of the Israeli citizens. But thankfully, God has blessed us with journalistic flag bearers such as the Washington Post, who have chosen to highlight the suffering of the 'other side'.

Why are we being inundated with horrific body counts and gruesome images of Palestinians while the innocent citizens, such as the dear Mrs. Schwartz who was forced to cancel her Hanukkah party due to the threat of rocket attacks, are being ignored?

She had planned a Hanukkah party on Saturday for the children in the kibbutz. But the Israeli military issued an order for all residents to stay inside their homes. So she had to cancel the party. "I feel bad. You have to explain to the kids why you can't live a normal life," she said. "Every day I walk five kilometers around the kibbutz," she added. "Today, I didn't. I was scared."

God bless the Washington Post for having the guts to publish her grueling side of the story. Where is the humanity when a 48 year-old mother of four is forced to cancel her daily 5 km walk?

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