Mehrab-Khani Sued By His Own Lawyer!

Yet again, Soheil Mehrab-Khani is being sued for non payment. The lawyer that defended him in court over the case of acquiring finance through deception and who also threatened me with defamation over this web site, Mr. Gunston, is sueing Mehrab-Khani for non payment of fees totalling $13261-00.

This is causing great amusement in Hobart legal circles, I am told. Presumably, Mehrab-Khani didn't screw up his face and put in inches away from Mr. Gunston and told him he wouldnt be paid as he did with painter Jason Lumley and a plasterer whose name I am with holding because he requested to not be named.

Interestingly, Mehrab-Khani engaged Town Planner Kate Loveday and the legal firm of Abetz Curtis to represent him at the Tribunal. Both parties worked for him for a period of several weeks before the Tribunal, then dropped out, no longer working for him! I would guess they have not been paid either, and I wouldn't be surprised if Mehrab-Khani is sued by them in the near future.

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