Huntsvillians in Haifa - Seeking peace amid rockets

Baha'i who grew up near arsenal 'can feel the house shaking just like home'

The ground quakes in Haifa, Israel, when rockets shot from neighboring Lebanon find their target.

It's a familiar feel for Nathan Wolfe, a recent University of Alabama in Huntsville graduate who moved to Haifa two weeks ago to work in the World Baha'i Center.

Growing up in south Huntsville, he often heard and felt the blast from missile testing and rocket engines at Redstone Arsenal.

"I can feel the house shaking just like home, thanks to Redstone," the 23-year-old wrote Wednesday morning in an e-mail from Israel.

Wolfe joined three other Huntsville Baha'is already living in Haifa and working at the World Center. Amelia Tyson moved to Haifa almost two years ago, while her sister, Lucia Tyson, and cousin Roya Foroughi - all Grissom High School and UAH graduates - have been there for about a year.

Each has agreed to work at the World Center for 30 months.

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