Haifa - Living on the edge

Residents of Haifa in northern Israel enjoyed a pleasant lifestyle. Then came Hizbollah’s rockets.

When a friend of mine emailed me about the rockets landing near him in Haifa, I felt a shudder of anxiety for the city where I lived until recently. Just the other day my friend was driving down a street not far from our former apartment, when he heard a siren that was warning of a rocket attack.

“I stopped the car and went into a stairwell of a nearby apartment building, which is the standard instruction for when an attack occurs if we are outside,” he wrote. “The blasts were closer than anything we have experienced so far. I actually felt a slight effect of the percussion wave of one of the hits for the first time.”

The rocket had landed just a kilometre or so from where we lived. Had the trajectory been a little higher, there was a chance it could have hit the area where we lived — and, who knows, our apartment. That email reinforced the fact that this time war was much more real — ordinary people are dying — than when we lived there.

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