Dr. David Kelly's death was 'not suicide'

I would've thought, given the continous slaughter and butchery in Iraq, that this item would have deserved some media attention, but most media outlets seem to have either completely ignored it or buried it in side columns. Yesterday, British Liberal Democrat M.P., Norman Baker published his own dossier relating to the death of weapons inspector David Kelly, the most notable aspect of which was the guarded statement that Kelly did 'not commit suicide'. If he didn't then he was, by simple definition, murdered.

The Yorkshire Post reports:

'Weapons inspector Dr Kelly was the man at the heart of the furore over the Government's dossier on Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction, and his death in 2003 led to the Hutton Inquiry.

Yesterday, Liberal Democrat backbencher Norman Baker published his own dossier of evidence which he believes casts considerable doubt on the inquiry's key conclusion that Dr Kelly killed himself. "Today, I challenge that conclusion," wrote Mr Baker in the Mail on Sunday. "I do so on the basis that the medical evidence available simply cannot sustain it, that Dr Kelly's own behaviour and character argues against it and that there were serious shortcomings in the way the legal and investigative processes set up to consider his death were followed."

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