Bringing honey to Haifa

Cortes family in Haifa, Israel

Baha’i pilgrims arrive as missile attacks begin

In the last two weeks of July, as half of Haifa's population was fleeing the besieged city in the north of Israel, 171 members of the Baha'i Faith arrived from all over the globe to take part in a nine-day pilgrimage to the Faith's most sacred shrines, historical sites and world administrative center.

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The pilgrims had eagerly anticipated this day, after being on a waiting list for up to six years. So although the timing seemed wrong, they proceeded with their plans after receiving approval from the Baha'i World Center in Haifa.

"Many of our friends and family said ‘Are you nuts?'," admits Mary Hansen, a Baha'i from Northbrook, Ill. "They said, ‘Do you have to go there now?' But I had a dream right before we left that felt significant to me. In the dream, I was bringing honey to Haifa. I now believe that the honey was our presence there."

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