Worker's son interns in Israel

Mom has faith in his safety

Carolyn Wolfe was proud when her son, Nathan, was selected for an internship in Israel. She didn't know that Israel would soon be at war.

The day after he arrived in Haifa, Israel, the Hezbollah militants in Lebanon fired rockets into the city, which had always been considered safe. Things have stabilized since but the nation remains at war.

"Right now no rockets have hit where he is," said Wolfe, a human resources specialist in the Aviation and Missile Command's G-1 office. "But it's such a volatile situation. Hopefully they'll be able to engineer an end to the conflict soon."

Nathan, 23, is an intern working in the department of the secretariat at the Baha'i World Centre, located on Mt. Carmel. He graduated cum laude in May from the University of Alabama-Huntsville with a bachelor's in finance. He left for Israel July 11 on El Al Airlines.

"He got there on a Wednesday and the first rockets fell on Thursday," Wolfe said. "This was a real shock. Haifa has been an oasis of peace in Israel. This was a shock for us. The Palestinian conflict, all these years, has not affected them. Up to a million people live in Haifa * Christians, Jews, Israelis, Arabs and Baha'is * all coexisting peacefully. Then of course Hezbollah decided to fire rockets into Israel. Haifa is the third-largest major city in Israel, so this was a real surprise to Israel and to the world that Hezbollah would actually fire on a major metropolitan city."

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