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Detention still an option for teen Facebook sex predator

BULLY: A Perth magistrate has delayed sentencing a boy who bullied girls into performing sex acts on webcam and the vision on Facebook.

The sentencing of a teenager who bullied schoolgirls into performing sex acts and posted the images on Facebook will set a precedent, a Perth magistrate says.

The 16-year-old boy, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was due to be sentenced in the Perth Children’s Court today, but the matter was again adjourned.

Judge Denis Reynolds said the material provided to him was too scant to make a thorough assessment of the case.

The court was previously told the boy created a Facebook account in the name of a known bully and threatened the two teenage girls over the internet into exposing themselves and performing sex acts on a webcam. He then posted the footage on Facebook.

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Mehrab-Khani Convicted Over Four Building Charges

{josquote}It seems that The Mercury is intent on covering all court cases involving Mehrab-Khani.{/josquote}

Mehrab-Khani was in court to be sentenced over 4 building charges brought against him by Hobart City Council. The HCC case was lacklustre, but even so Mehrab-Khanbi was fined a total of $1240 plus costs.

I was out of the country at the time, however I was told it was covered by The Mercury newspaper. As soon as I can find a copy of it, I will post the details. It seems that The Mercury is intent on covering all court cases involving Mehrab-Khani. In my view this is because of his nearly incomprehensible ravings in Court, they add great entertainment value to the proceedings.

I will post the outcome of the Tribunal as soon as it is known.

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The End of War

During a college World History course I remember a professor mentioning that deaths from war declined decade by decade over the entire 20th century. I referenced this many times to allay the fears of people complaining about how war is becoming more prevalent and deadly. One of those times I mentioned the trend, a coworker said, "That's not true." To which I responded, "Yes it is." "No it's not." "Yes it is." And so on until I decided to go and look up the reference for myself. This led me to the Human Security Report, and I read the entire 2005 report.

{josquote}...nobody was paying attention to the greatest peace the world has ever seen.{/josquote}

What I found was far beyond a simple graph showing a decline in battle deaths (I was correct, by the way). The report was the first of its kind to document a dramatic global decline in political violence since the end of the Cold War, and the rise of effective peacekeeping missions of the UN. Its conclusions challenge conventional wisdom. Since global media gives coverage to new wars, but pays no attention to conflicts that are ending, nobody was paying attention to the greatest peace the world has ever seen.

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Young father sacrificed life to save sister

Twenty two-year-old barman Jaime Gilbert was one of the first casualties of the Christchurch earthquake to be officially named by police.

His family didn't need the confirmation, Jaime's sister Amy was with him when he died; in fact, the brother and sister were holding hands.

It's one of the rawest images from the aftermath of Tuesday's earthquake; Amy Cooney, bleeding, dazed and calling for her brother Jaime Gilbert.

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Hearing of four accused of the Veira murder

John Veira

Dagblad Suriname, January 18

Paramaribo, Suriname: Judge Alida Johans heard four men accused in relation to the murder of John Veira, a Bahai who was the well-respected Director of Civil Aviation in Suriname. John Veira was at his house in Commewijne, in the evening of April 21 (a Bahai Holy Day) when his attackers, two men on a motorcycle, called to him, and shot him three times in the chest when he came out. He died on the spot. He was 59 years old.

Judge Johans rejected an application on behalf of two of the accused for freedom pending and during the trial. The accused are named as Edward V., Richard R., Clarence M. and Romeo S., while two others, ‘Shaggy’ and ‘Dwight’ are being held in French Guyana pending extradition.

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