Turning My Eyes

I've been pensive lately, and thinking of writing -- but my thoughts have not come together that coherently. So, I think I'll just write, and maybe as I write it will start making sense. That's what "Karen's Path" is really for anyway -- although it sometimes appears on Baha'is Online if I write something Steve thinks is worthwhile, and there is an audience. This is the blog I don't write for an audience. Nothing put on; nothing crafted. Just me. Here.

The whole hullaballoo about the "Marginality and Apostasy" article left me rather depressed -- and I said so on Unenrolled Baha'i. I really don't like these fights; I don't really like what either side does. I'd like to see an intelligent, academic rebuttal, but I'm not that interested in taking on the battle online. I actually don't expect that much out of conservative Baha'is. I know they think ill of me; I'd actually prefer they think ill of me out of my line of sight. Nothing I could say is going to alter their opinion anyway.

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