On the Internet Anti-Baha'i Society: Have you noticed they don't post about children?

Photo: flitzy phoebie

In Iran there is the Anti-Baha’i Society (Hojjatieh), an organization dating back to 1953 that is devoted to opposition to the Baha’i community there. Ahmadinejad is reported to be associated with it.

There is community of bloggers on the Internet that compose a latter-day Anti-Baha’i Society. Theirs is not a community in a positive sense. These bloggers live to oppose, “Having no life of their own and existing only as a group of people united in their negativity towards the core Baha'i Faith” (Momen).

Have you ever noticed that these anti-Baha’i bloggers, consisting of marginals and apostates (see Momen for definitions), don't ever post anything about the importance of the spiritual education of children. They don’t write about youth, their own or others, going off to do a Year of Service. They don’t write about Feasts they attend or devotional meetings they hold with others. They don’t write about souls they are drawing to the Faith through their personal teaching.

But it is the absence of the mention of children that is most striking to me about this online community. -gw

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