Plan B--The Fake Web Log Syndrome

The Baha’i Presence in Israel: The Fake Web Log Syndrome

The other day I came across a web log that is supposedly being run by self-professed “hardliner Jews.” I have to admit that anything written by a self-professed hard-liner Jew is a must read for me, because there is yet a Jewish person to be seen that uses “hard-liner” as an adjective for oneself. Jews may be Orthodox or Reformed or secular or perhaps conservative but “hardliner” is not an appropriate internal designation. It is one of those give-away signs that subliminally say: “I am making this up” or “I am a fake website!” We see examples of this in Iran when a self-professed supposed Baha’i is quoted [in] government propaganda in Iran saying “I am a member of Baha’ism!” Then one knows the propaganda machine is at work. Such is the case with the web log:

I don't know how it is in the gamma-quadrant, but here on Earth where truth and objectivity matter the façade of a hardliner Jew asking for increased Baha’i activity is ridiculous enough, but the web log shows some overt ignorance of basic Baha’i nomenclature. Clusters A, B, C and D are for example introduced, and an A – Cluster is defined as one is one in which “1000 converts” a year are seen. This is further evidence that this web log was generated by someone not familiar with basic Baha’i language.

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