All is as planned.. and a true story and Weebles

{josquote}I started: So Shirley (not her name)- you would like to buy a growth fund.
Shirley: yes - my friends at work have them and they are all making good money..
I continued: Shirley you are an active born again Christian - true?
Shirley - why Yes I am.
I then said: Is Jesus coming back sooner or later?
Shirley: - Why sooner of course - I truly believe that.
I continued: That's great. Are things going to get better or worse before the Lord returns?
Shirley said: Why worse of course, much worse - the Bible says so...
I concluded with: And you want to buy a growth fund - why???!!

Shirley bought a growth fund anyway...{/josquote}

I have blogged several times about being careful what you pray for.. one of the tenets of the Baha'i Faith is indeed the elimination of the extremes of wealth and poverty.

Over the past month mankind's own greed has created a situation around the entire globe where those with assets are now - depending upon who you listen to - 20 to 35% poorer. Also based on some assuredly convoluted logic 20 to 35% of the people are now according to constantly shifting demographics among the poor.

Talk about your basic birth pang of a New World Order - the contraction of the wealth of an entire planet by 25%.

The United States is about to cede its position as the dominant superpower on the planet as it does not have the money to do much except try to keep score and maintain order amidst this quagmire.

Things are so bad that the clock that tracks the National debt has run out of digits. That's right ! the debt has outgrown the clock.

As a person of Faith I should not be surprised.

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